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Interactive, virtual poetry classes

The Lockdown Literary Festival by Chawton House was such a success (I'm basically a YouTube star; try not to get too excited) that I'm headed back - virtually - to run a series of workshops over the next three months.

Doing a talk at the wonderful Lexikopoleio bookshop in Athens, Greece
Each month will have a theme and we're staring in August with the theme of 'home'. You'll get a writing exercise in advance of the session and during the one hour Zoom we'll talk about how you got on with the exercise (feedback only if you want it), how writers from the Chawton House archive have handled the theme, and how to create successful contemporary poetry on that theme.

Whether you're a raging introvert and just want to sit quietly and listen in or you can't wait to share your poetry with the whole group, everyone is welcome.

Although the session is about poetry, prose writers are welcome and many of the things we will discuss also apply to fiction writing.

Last bit of good news? The session is only £10. That's a steal! Plus you're supporting both a working writer and the wonderful Chawton House.

So be brave! Sign up. Worst thing that happens is you write a poem.