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Mentorship & Teaching

Teaching for writers of all levels and groups of all sizes

Mentorship -
Ideal for writers taking on a significant project such as a memoir, novel, collection of poetry or a creative writing degree. I can provide detailed feedback and guidance to make your vision a reality. My focus is on helping you to achieve your goals, hone your unique voice, and refine your craft as you create a significant body of work.

One-to-one tutoring -
If you want personal attention on any element of writing, please contact me. This service is available as a one-time service or on an ongoing basis. Whether you want better marks or to improve your professional skills and prospects, being able to communicate effectively through the written word is a key skill in today's competitive job market. Make yourself stand out!

Workshops -

Writing workshops for up to 20 participants of all experience levels. My workshops centre on participant interaction and producing work that challenges the writers' perceptions of their own abilities. Workshops can be given in person or via the internet.
            Sample topics:
                     Getting started -
without lifting a pen! Perfect for beginning writers who want to jump-start their creativity. This session uses both group and individual work to discuss elements of creativity, idea-generation and how to get started writing either poetry or prose.
                     Telling your story -
Do you have a story inside you? Let it out! This session helps writers to access their past and to reform it into works of art.
                     Plagiarism vs intertextuality -
This session is ideal for experienced writers, helping them to question their own sources of inspiration and how they create original ideas while still writing in a context.
                     Getting off the page -
How do we write convincingly for readers? And what about this 'show don't tell' advice? This session explores techniques writers can use to enrich their readers' experience of their text.
                     What I can teach: Craft -
Many people think creative writing can't be taught, but regardless of what you think on that particular question, the craft of writing certainly can be. This is a series of workshops, each exploring a specific element of craft through contemporary texts and interactive writing exercises. Topics include: What is a scene?; Writing believable and engaging dialogue; Creating settings - Which is the right one and why?; The poetic line - Why poetry isn't just chopped up prose; Voices - From the unreliable narrator to polyphonic, the role of voice in poetry and prose. All of these workshops can be adapted for poets, prose writers or mixed groups.

University/college lecturing -
I am a fully qualified (PGCLTHE) university lecturer with experience lecturing and facilitating workshops/seminars at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. I have taught topics including: creative writing (poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, radio scripts and plays), journalism, copywriting, critical reading skills, time management for students, public speaking, personal development planning, and academic writing. Institutions where I currently or have recently worked include Kingston University, London Metropolitan University, and London City University.

You can check out my current courses at City Lit here.

If you are interested in any of these services or you think I can help in another way, please visit my Contact page.
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