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Recent Publications

If you're interested in a little fiction, poetry and the occasional nonfiction bit of writing, here's where you can check me out in print:

Marking Time - Threads of Time: 25 Years of Fine Cell Work, 2022

Realising gardening is a team sport in which you are the spectator - Wildlife Trusts & 26
                            26 Pledges, 2021. Winner of Writer of the Year Highly Commended 2022

The slipping place - Eames Fine Art Gallery, London & 26
                            A Common Place: Connecting people through arts, words and a common place in lockdown

Tavistock Refrain - Bloomsbury Festival & 26
                              Eye:Spy Bloomsbury Festival, 2020
                              Performed for Bloomsbury radio 2021

Fire and Straw - Wildlife Trusts & 26
                              26 Wild - The story's not over, 2020

A Soldier's Pistol - Imperial War Museum & 26
                              Armistice 100 Days, 2018 - Winner of the Drum Award for Writing in Design 2019

The space between - performance with Alex Hales for The Enemies Project
                             24 November 1018

Lengths - Magma Poetry
                              Issue 68, July 2017

When sunsets come late - Sheila-Na-Gig Online
                               Volume 1.2 Winter 2016 

Crepe wings - Sheila-Na-Gig Online
                               Volume 1.2 Winter 2016

The Other Dead - (poem & photo) The Seethingographer
                               #1 Winter 2016

                               Available for purchase under 'Seething Chapbooks'

The Other Dead - (poem & photos) Seethingography
                               May 2016

Living in Language - The Lake
                               May 2016 edition

Sidewalk cracks - The Lake
                                May 2016 edition

Gardening - Love Is in the Air Vol.1
                              Forward Poetry Anthology -  Sept 2015

Desert Children - Ripple 2013  - No. 9
                               Order your copy by emailing

At the Window - (prose sestina) Ripple 2013 - No. 9
                               Order your copy by emailing

Hot Heat Love - What the Dickens? Magazine - Issue 5, p51
                               For your e-reader at: or

Oasis - Ripple 2012: A moment in time - Vol. 1, No. 8
                                Order your copy here or by emailing


'I Know What the Caged Bird Wrote: Finding the Line between Intertextuality and Plagiarism'
                               6th International Integrity and Plagiarism Conference
                               July 2013

'Selling the Craft: Creative Writing Recruitment in the New Higher Education Marketplace'
                               Kingston Writing School 1st International Conference
                               Pedagogy and Practice: Writing and Higher Education
                               June 2014

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