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Recent Publications

When I'm not writing, editing or molding the minds of student writers, I'm usually over at all the sins the digital arts magazine that I edit with Lisa Davison. We're always looking for excellent art of all sorts, especially the kind that blends forms and genres. We also accept arts related pitches for journalistic work. Check us out and, if you're so inclined, send us some of your best work!

If you're interested in a little fiction and poetry, here's where you can check me out in print:

The slipping place - Eames Fine Art Gallery, London & 26
                          A Common Place: Connecting people through arts, words, and a common place during                           lockdown, 2020

Tavistock Refrain - Bloomsbury Festival & 26
                             Eye:Spy Bloomsbury Festival, 2020

Fire and Straw - Wildlife Trusts & 26
                              26 Wild - The story's not over, 2020

A Soldier's Pistol - Imperial War Museum & 26
                              Armistice 100 Days, 2018 - Winner of the Drum Award for Writing in Design 2019

The space between - performance with Alex Hales for The Enemies Project
                             24 November 1018

Lengths - Magma Poetry
                              Issue 68, July 2017

When sunsets come late - Sheila-Na-Gig Online
                               Volume 1.2 Winter 2016 

Crepe wings - Sheila-Na-Gig Online
                               Volume 1.2 Winter 2016

The Other Dead - (poem & photo) The Seethingographer
                               #1 Winter 2016

                               Available for purchase under 'Seething Chapbooks'

The Other Dead - (poem & photos) Seethingography
                               May 2016

Living in Language - The Lake
                               May 2016 edition

Sidewalk cracks - The Lake
                                May 2016 edition

Gardening - Love Is in the Air Vol.1
                              Forward Poetry Anthology -  Sept 2015

Desert Children - Ripple 2013  - No. 9
                               Order your copy by emailing

At the Window - (prose sestina) Ripple 2013 - No. 9
                               Order your copy by emailing

Hot Heat Love - What the Dickens? Magazine - Issue 5, p51
                               For your e-reader at: or

Oasis - Ripple 2012: A moment in time - Vol. 1, No. 8
                                Order your copy here or by emailing


'I Know What the Caged Bird Wrote: Finding the Line between Intertextuality and Plagiarism'
                               6th International Integrity and Plagiarism Conference
                               July 2013

'Selling the Craft: Creative Writing Recruitment in the New Higher Education Marketplace'
                               Kingston Writing School 1st International Conference
                               Pedagogy and Practice: Writing and Higher Education
                               June 2014

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