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Client feedback

'I am so appriciative of your feedback. You really took the time and were able to give E_ very good advice.' - Parent of a US college admissions essay client, Boston, USA
'Thank you so much, Sinead, [the workshop] was fantastic and a lovely engagement with everyone, too. Definitely keen to collaborate again in the future; people loved it!' - Louisa Carpenter, Visitor Experience Manager, Chawton House, Alton, UK

'The in-depth critique of key elements of my story and predicting where they would lead was very helpful.'      - fiction client, Boston, USA

'I loved your workshop series. I was worried I wouldn't have any ideas but your creativity exercises got me going and now I'm excited to keep writing. You made me feel like I can do this.' - Liz, London, UK

'Sinead is talented, bright, hard-working, responsible, professional and personable. Not only does she write well herself, but she is also an excellent teacher - patient, adaptable, fair and demanding without being intimidating, harsh or inappropriately demanding.'      - Dr David Rogers, English Literature - author of Writing Better Essays, London, UK

'You were a wonderful teacher, it was hard not to become enthused with the subject when each lecture and seminar was delivered with an energy and delight. You avidity for the works studied and for the progression of student work alike has been highly influential.'      - James, London, UK

Sinead was absolutely amazing - I had never used the service before for any of my classes and it really was fantastic - her personality is very well suited to this job! The students said it was very helpful.     - Dr Camilla De Camargo, Criminology lecturer, London, UK

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