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National Poetry Day 2016

In more news that I hope (continues to) explain my absence from my dearly beloved blog, I will be working with the amazing Lucy Furlong over at Seethingography in exactly 4 weeks time to celebrate National Poetry Day (UK). We will be at the Museum of Futures in Surbiton throughout the day running all sorts of fun and challenging exercises and workshops in poetry for people of all ages and experience. There is no need to be a poet, just drop in and have some fun!

The theme is 'Messages' so come explore ways of sending, receiving, crafting, reflecting, refracting messages and much more. Think letters, bottles at sea, texts, subliminal messages, psychic messages, missed messages, mixed messages and whatever else comes to mind. Get the message?

What: National Poetry Day
Sounds scary: It's not! Fun activities that anyone can do. Plus enthusiatic writers to help you out!
Where: The Museum of Futures 117 Brighton Rd Surbiton
When: Thursday, 06 October 2016