Sunday, 10 August 2014

Talking the Talk

I'm always droning on about writers supporting one another and saying that success for one of us is success for all of us. Today, I make good on all that high-minded talk.

I am so thrilled to announce that a friend of mine has just had her first novel published to an excellent critical reception. Alarm Girl by Hannah Vincent is the story of a little girl struggling to find her place in the world after her mother's death when she and her brother move from England to South Africa to live with their father. I had the great pleasure of reading parts this book when it was still a work in progress and it was marvellous. I have been waiting for exactly two years to find out what happens to the breathtakingly compelling character of Indy. At ten-and-three-quarters, Indy is that perfect balance of innocent and all-knowing.

I won't review the book because I'm obviously enormously biased (it's brilliant!), but I will say that I think it's wonderful that Hannah is experiencing this great success. She's also a very accomplished playwright with her work having been performed at both the National Theatre Studio and the Royal Court. Just a few weeks ago, her first radio play, Come to Grief, was produced on BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Drama. It's on iplayer for the next week. Catch it before it's gone!

And so, today, it's a pleasure to send my many congratulations to the wonderfully talented Hannah Vincent. I'm proud of your hard work on your two most recent successes and I'm proud to call a talented, creative and strong woman like you both a friend and a colleague.


  1. Sinead, I will never forget a comment you made in the margin of early draft Alarm Girl material - you wrote 'I love Ella!' [Indy was named 'Ella' early on...] and it gave me the boost I needed at that time so thank you x

    1. It was my pleasure. I still love Indy! Also, I'm fully behind the name change, it adds a lovely depth to the novel and integrates the two narratives. Can't wait to read more from you!