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Heatwave Update


This just in: It is officially too hot for burgers.


Our local pub and burger joint (all they serve is burgers - beef, chicken or veggie) were out of beef burgers today because it was "too hot to deliver the meat." Of course. That makes perfect sense. 

So is it the cows that have gone on strike? The farmers? The abattoir? Or are the delivery truck tyres just in danger of melting at a whopping 32C?

Burgers are a BBQ classic and everyone knows that BBQ is a winter treat. Who wants to eat a burger when it's hot?

Identifying features blocked to protect the identity of this otherwise outstanding establishment


  1. Hahahahaha! I do love England, and when I say love, of course it's closer to bemusement. I heard the rail tracks were melting. Didn't know metal had a 30 degree melting point, I know nothing of the world!


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