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Great News!

I realize that I have been suspiciously silent for the last month and, believe me, I have taken care of the self-chastisement. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

In my defense, I have been extraordinarily busy. It must be said, that some of what has taken me away from "Finding Home" has been fun: an out of town guest, cultural outings and lots of reading, but much of it has been coursework, teaching, editing and other work.

Much of my time has been taken up with editing the blog, which has been exciting, but a steep learning curve. I didn't realize just how much time running a blog for which I only had to create minimal content would take. I am tempted to claim that it would be easier to just do it myself. Unfortunately, that wouldn't do much to create or maintain a writing community. Also, it wouldn't be quite as satisfying. After a couple of crazy weeks I think I am in good shape for the holidays, though, so I'm looking forward to taking a couple of weeks off and making the most of the "schedule a post" function! I think the post that went live today is one of my favourites. It's a list of recommended reading from the MFAs for fun, holiday reads. It just proves that we're not stuck in ivory towers or little, dark writing hovels. You can have a look here: Holiday read ideas. Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments!

I do have fantastic news today, though, as I have promised in the title to this entry. Many of you may not even remember the panic I have been in about my UK driving test and how put-out I have been at having to re-test after just over a decade of being a fully licensed driver. To say that I have been in a snit for the past year to year and a half is an understatement. I have made life miserable for anyone willing to listen to me whine about my nerves and apprehension (if you missed out on this delightful chapter of my life, not to worry. For the earlier entries on my driving test saga see Part 1 - applying for a license and Part 2 - the zoo of London roads).

So what's the good news? I hear you ask.

Well, I did it. I passed the test! All that worry? As usual, it was all for naught. I did fine on my reverse around a corner, on my emergency stop and I even checked my mirrors enough (which is roughly all the time according to the DSA - so often, I'm surprised UK drivers have time left over to look out the front windshield). Watch out, England, I'm a fully licensed driver, now!

I'm afraid you'll have to wait for the rest of my November, but I will promise you an account of meeting an amazing author. Canadians, listen up, you're going to love this one!