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Professional writing, editing and teaching services.

My name is Sinéad Keegan and I am a professional writer and university lecturer specialising in creative and critical writing for individuals and businesses. I hold an MFA in Creative Writing and am a fully qualified teacher of higher education. I currently teach both critical and creative writing at Kingston University, London.

I also provide bespoke services in the following areas:

    Workshops, lecturing & teaching
    Writing and content management
    Personal statements for job, scholarship, internship and other applications
    US college application essays

Please visit the topic pages to find out more about how I can help you or your business to succeed and my contact page to inquire about pricing and individual services.

Trial offer:

2,000 words of fiction/nonfiction/academic writing or 3 poems (40 lines maximum each) - written edit and 30 minute Skype consult for
£60 (GBP) or $75 (USD)

If you are interested in any of these services or you think I can help in another way, please visit my Contact page.
You can also find me online:
On Twitter @SineadKeegan
On Facebook
On LinkedIn
On Pinterest
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