Saturday, 7 December 2013

Ushers: A Funny, Energetic Musical for Musical Lovers

I must admit that I was pretty annoyed by the time I got into the 50-seat Hope Theatre at 207 Upper Street in Islington. As part of the show, a cast member appears at the bottom of the stairs to begin the show. This means the entire audience is left standing, winter coats on (there is no coat check) in a crowded pub for, in my case, twenty minutes. I was hopeful that this announcement would begin the show as they intended to continue, that it would be creative and entertaining and worth sweating it out pre-show. I don't like spoilers, but the announcement? "Ladies and gentlemen, the house is open. The house is open." Not worth the wait, but fortunately the production improves 100-fold from there.

Filled with musical references and insider jokes, Ushers: The Front of House Musical, keeps the audience laughing for a one hour, forty-five minute running time, which is no easy feat in our digital age of six second memes and half-hour sitcoms. The energy of the six-person cast is the driving force in this show filled with catchy, amusing and witty songs all about the inner workings of theatre's front of house.

The cast of Ushers. Photo credit: John Hunter